Biographies - Shippee, Mancer Cooper, 1818-1895 & Shippee, Moses Elwood, 1859-1927

SHIPPEE (East Greenwich)

For approximately two hundred and twenty-five years the Shippees have been continuous residents in the ancient town of East Greenwich and identified with its history. Among more recent generations, including the present, have been numbered some of the most active farmers, business men and useful citizens of the town. Of the lives of some of these men, their family history and genealogy this article deals.

(I) David Shippee, the earliest known American ancestor, is of record in the town of Warwick, R.I., in 1664, on Aug. 15th of which year he was there married to Margaret, daughter of Thomas Scranton. He was called of Maidfields, and his wife, late of Warwick, now of Prudence Island. Mr. Shippee was an inhabitant of Kingstown, East Greenwich and Providence. His death occurred after 1718. His children were: Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Samuel, David, Thomas and Solomon. The sons, excepting Samuel, were of Providence and Smithfield, Rhode Island.

(II) Samuel Shippee, son of David, married Dec. 29, 1702, Ann Leithfield, and they were of East Greenwich, R.I. Mr. Shippee died in 1740, his will being proved Sept. 27th of that year. His wife survived him. Their children were Samuel, Stephen, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Margaret, Sarah and Deliverance.

(III) Thomas Shippee, son of Samuel, married, Dec. 24, 1732, Hannah Matteson, and their children of East Greenwich town record, were: Almy, born April 11, 1734; David, Aug. 26, 1739; Samuel, Aug. 22, 1742; Caleb, Aug. 23, 1747; and Thomas, Jan. 26, 1751.

(IV) Caleb Shippee, son of Thomas, born Aug. 23, 1747, married Feb. 12, 1775, Alice Collins, daughter of Cupper Collins, of Coventry, R.I., and their children, of East Greenwich town record, were: William, born March 15, 1776; Allen, March 18, 1778; Hannah, Feb. 26, 1782; Lowes, July 16, 1784; John, Sept. 21, 1786; and Lodowick Updike, Aug. 23, 1789.

(V) Lodowick U. Shippee was born and reared in the "Shippee Settlement" and he had three sons born as follows: Mancer C., born June 1, 1818; Wanton, born in 1827; Christopher A., born in 1837, who has become one of the substantial citizens of East Greenwich, and was postmaster there from 1871-1880.

(VI) Mancer C. Shippee, the eldest of these sons, and father of Moses E., was born in the "Shippee Settlement" June 1, 1818, and there spent his boyhood days. He began at an early age to work at machine building, his father being a mechanic, but in 1837 he dropped this line of work and learned weaving, becoming a boss weaver. He remained in this position for over twenty years, after which he was for a number of years superintendent of the Usquepaug mill, in South Kingstown. Mr. Shippee was married Harriett Dawley, of Exeter, who after many years of wedded happiness, died March 5, 1895. He himself died March 8, 1895, three days after the death of his wife, and there were both interred on the same day. It was a strange coincidence of fate that two lives so devoted should have an ending so near. Mr. Shippee was a member of the Six Principle Baptist Church and for a long time superintendent of a Sunday-school, being deeply religious. Mr. and Mrs. Shippee were the parents of the following children: Sarah, born in 1840, who married James Holland, and lives in East Greenwich; Moses, who died in childhood; Mary, who married Charles Tarbox; Aaron, who married Mary Eliza Nicholas, of Coventry; Amanda, who married David Vaughn, and lives in California; Delia B., who married Nathaniel G. Carpenter, of East Greenwich; Ella, who married Colvin Gardner; Henry, who married Edna Johnson; and Moses E.

(VII) Moses E. Shippee was born May 19, 1859, in the town of South Kingstown, where his parents lived, but two years later they moved back to East Greenwich. There he received the advantages of the town school, but early learned the trade of butcher, and worked in the grocery and meat business, with his brother-in-law, N.G. Carpenter, for thirteen years. In 1895, he started in the insurance and real estate business in which he is still interested. Several years ago Mr. Shippee contracted rheumatism which affected his eyes, and after unlimited treatment and an unsuccessful operation, his sight become totally impaired. But still, despite this physical misfortune, he has continued active in business and has prospered.

Mr. Shippee was married, April 26, 1887, to Miss Sarah Aylesworth, of North Kingstown, and they have one daughter [sic], Marion E., born May 4, 1890. He is a man well liked by all and is always spoken of as a man of veracity and kindly disposition. He is a member of King Solomon Lodge, A.F. & A.M., at East Greenwich.

Source: Representative men and old families of Rhode Island (Chicago : J.H. Beers & Co., 1908). p. 1434-1435, Shippee (East Greenwich).

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