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Mrs. Lena Beckel Shippy

Mrs. Lena Beckel Shippy, wife of Will Shippy, passed away Monday afternoon, January 1, 1940 at her home in Chapman. Mrs. Shippy was born in Thalkeim, Germany in October, 1861.

She is survived by her husband; three daughters, Mrs. Irving Denny of Pomona, Calif., Elisie and Lena of Chapman; two sons, Harvey and Charles of Woodbine and other relatives. She was preceded in death by three children.

Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon [Jan. 4, 1940] at 1 o'clock from the home at 230 West Eighth street, Chapman, and from the Methodist church at Woodbine at 2:30. Burial will be made in the Baptist cemetery south of Woodbine.

Source: Abilene daily reflector (Abilene, Kan.). Vol. 52, no. 208 (Jan. 3, 1940), p. [6], Obituary, Mrs. Lena Beckel Shippy.


Mrs. Lina Beckel Shippy, daughter of Mr. Johannes and Mrs. Catherine Beckel, was born October 18, 1861 in Thalheim, Hanover, Germany and when she was called to her Heavenly home she was 78 years, two months and fifteen days of age. She came with her parents from Germany to Cincinatti [sic], Ohio, at the age of seven and later they came by train to Junction City and by horse team to Woodbine, living with the Weber's until they could improve their farm. She herself helped diligently to break and cultivate the new soil. And at the age of eleven she began working for other families to help earn the few necessities for her loved ones. The four years just prior to her marriage she lived and worked in the Kepperling home. Everywhere she lived and worked she was loved and appreciated because of her kindly faithful service.

She was united in marriage with William Shippy of Woodbine on December 16, 1880. To this union were born eight children: Harvey, Aney, Dearone, Ada, Gracie, Charles, Elsie and Lina and she loved and sacrificed for, and diligently reared each of them according to their several dispositions, building her staunch character and rich faith into the very fibre of their beings.

At an early age she united with the Baptist church and was faithful in her almost constant prayer and worship until she transferred to the Church Triumphant at her departure from this life.

Mrs. Shippy is survived by her husband, one brother, Will Beckel of Dwight, one sister, Mrs. C. C. Mitchell of Atlanta, Georgia, five children: Harvey and Charles Shippy of Woodbine, Elsie and Lina Shippy of Chapman, and Mrs. Irving Denny of Pomona, California, fourteen grandchildren, eleven nieces and nine nephews. Three of her children: Aney, Dearone, and Gracie, one niece, two nephews, three grandchildren, and one brother have preceeded [sic] her in death.

She was laid to rest by the side of her babies, who have gone on before. The many lovely flowers and sympathizing friends and loved ones bespeak the high esteem which her beautiful living merited.

Reverend C. M. Nutter of Chapman conducted a beautiful service in the home at Chapman. Mrs. Glen Morris and Mrs. H. E. Clingenpeel fittingly sang, "Fade Fade Each Earthly Joy." The pallbearers at the home services were: Glen Morris, Homer Leatherman, Edward Beckel, C. E. Childers, Riley Loudon, and H. E. Clingenpeel.

Reverend C. L. Reuhlen of Woodbine was in charge of the funeral service at the Woodbine Methodist church and at the cemetery. Reverend C. R. Shook of Argonia, who had learned to know Mrs. Shippy intimately while she lived with her daughter Lina for four years at Kiowa, Kansas, brought the impressively beautiful funeral sermon. The pallbearers at Woodbine were: Enoch Schmidt, Herman Knopp, Gilbert Timm, Bernhardt Oesterreich, Will Oesterreich and Charles Riebert. The music was furnished by Mrs. Anna Spellman, Mrs. Charles Hiebert, Mrs. Walter Brehm, James Middleton, and Orville Belle. The songs which were used were: "Face to Face," "Shall We Gather at the River," "Sweet By and By."

Sympathizing friends from out of the county who attended the funeral were: Miss Lovana Stone and Mrs. Virginia Zimmerman Hale of Wichita, and Reverend Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Shook of Argonia.

The following poem written by a member of the family was used in the funeral service:


Dear Mother has gone home
To her Dear Father in Heaven;
Her poor tired feet will never more roam;
Her best to her loved ones she's given.

And now up in the glorious skies,
We know she's watching and praying;
With bounteous love that never dies,
"He will keep you to the end" she's saying.

The Savior kept her to the end—
He snatched her in the twinkling of an eye,
And took her home, this Savior friend;
Without the pain of saying goodbye.

She was ready and waiting to go
To meet her Pilot face to face.
Her earthly cup was full of woe;
But she has conquered by God's grace.

She still loves her dear ones on earth;
Though she's gone to the beckoning hands
Of the three babes in glory unstained by this earth—
She's enjoying the beauty of Heavenly strands.

Her sweet smiling face, we will grieve for,
The touch of her hands we will miss,
The sound of her voice as of yore;
But still her spirit will guide as a bounteous kiss.

She fought a good fight to the end.
She left us an example to follow,
May we, too, cling to the Savior Friend;
And fly home to her as a swallow.

The service at Woodbine included the following prayer written by another member of the family:

As we pause here, O God, Everlasting Father, hear us. We have been disobedient, at times unloving to Thee, O God, and to our dear mother. We know that Thou art faithful and loving even as was Thine own Son Jesus words of our mother.

We wait humbly for the gift, The Comforter, The Holy Sprit that Jesus, Thy Son, did promise and comforting words of ohr [sic] mother.

Will Thou strengthen our faith, our hope, our purpose, and our love toward Thee, O God and Jesus and her that we may carry on the work of Thy Kingdom for Thy Glory, and in honor to her.

May the blessing according to Thy Will rest upon this Thy House and these Thy children—Amen.

The family wishes to express their genuine appreciation for the lovely flowers and many other expressions of sympathy at this time of great sorrow and for the kindly and efficient services of Clark and London of Chapman.

Source: Chapman advertiser (Chapman, Kan.). Vol. 32, no. 2 (Jan. 11, 1940), p. [5], Mrs. Lina Shippy.

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