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New York, United States


Tree: Shippee
State/Province : Latitude: 43.0532166, Longitude: -76.0384438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna Frances  18 Dec 1888New York, United States I3636 Shippee 
2 Aura Ann  1831 or 1832New York, United States I13104 Shippee 
3 Azubah  17 Feb 1818New York, United States I10815 Shippee 
4 Betty R.  17 Jul 1935New York, United States I3102 Shippee 
5 Caroline  1884 or 1885New York, United States I20820 Shippee 
6 Carrie A.  Jul 1856New York, United States I3893 Shippee 
7 Carrie M.  Nov 1877New York, United States I14688 Shippee 
8 Charlotte  15 Mar 1815New York, United States I2344 Shippee 
9 Cynthia Ann  26 Feb 1818New York, United States I11703 Shippee 
10 Dora  1889New York, United States I20691 Shippee 
11 Eliza J.  1830 or 1831New York, United States I11121 Shippee 
12 Elizabeth B.  23 Jun 1822New York, United States I11613 Shippee 
13 Julia A.  6 Jan 1819New York, United States I14474 Shippee 
14 Lois or Louisa  1767 or 1768New York, United States I192 Shippee 
15 Lucy  Aug 1809New York, United States I2062 Shippee 
16 Mabel  1877 or 1878New York, United States I11648 Shippee 
17 Margaret A.  13 Dec 1901New York, United States I3694 Shippee 
18 Minerva E.  14 Dec 1829New York, United States I12048 Shippee 
19 Parnell  1815 or 1816New York, United States I2320 Shippee 
20 Polly  1813 or 1814New York, United States I2552 Shippee 
21 Susan A.  16 Mar 1867New York, United States I11704 Shippee 
22 Victoria M.  2 Feb 1904New York, United States I3742 Shippee 
23 Wilma  Jun 1877New York, United States I11787 Shippee 
24 Zilpha  14 Apr 1797New York, United States I1272 Shippee 
25 Alexanian, Regina  12 Mar 1926New York, United States I3282 Shippee 
26 Allen, Louisa B.  16 Jan 1923New York, United States I4287 Shippee 
27 Armstrong or Shippee, Elizabeth  1863 or 1864New York, United States I12101 Shippee 
28 Armstrong or Shippee, James  1861 or 1862New York, United States I12100 Shippee 
29 Ashcraft, Sophronia Margaret  20 Aug 1828New York, United States I4022 Shippee 
30 Baker, Eleanor  12 Aug 1832New York, United States I6350 Shippee 
31 Baker, Minnie H.  Mar 1891New York, United States I2639 Shippee 
32 Barnes, Susan  1823New York, United States I4027 Shippee 
33 Bennett, Catharine  1804 or 1805New York, United States I1812 Shippee 
34 Bentley, Eliza Ann  1 Jun 1823New York, United States I2219 Shippee 
35 Bentley, Hannah  7 May 1785New York, United States I2016 Shippee 
36 Bentley, Laura Lavena  1815 or 1816New York, United States I2007 Shippee 
37 Betts, Mary Angeline  8 May 1861New York, United States I2726 Shippee 
38 Bigarel, Jane  4 Nov 1851New York, United States I445 Shippee 
39 Bradley, Marion B.  30 Dec 1913New York, United States I11632 Shippee 
40 Brodie, Jessie May  11 Aug 1883New York, United States I1010 Shippee 
41 Brower, Elizabeth M.  Mar 1847New York, United States I1881 Shippee 
42 Campbell, Esther M.  6 Nov 1937New York, United States I6534 Shippee 
43 Carnrick, Juliet  5 Jul 1841New York, United States I2713 Shippee 
44 Churchill, Henrietta  Sep 1849New York, United States I2737 Shippee 
45 Clapsaddle, Blanche Eliza  19 Jul 1883New York, United States I2744 Shippee 
46 Clark, Violetta  28 Jul 1797New York, United States I2290 Shippee 
47 Colgan, Catherine E.  Mar 1845New York, United States I2733 Shippee 
48 Collins, Emma S.  Sep 1860New York, United States I3904 Shippee 
49 Cook, Sally  21 Jul 1810New York, United States I988 Shippee 
50 Coon, Lucinda Amelia  5 Jun 1841New York, United States I6362 Shippee 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shippee, Charles  10 Jul 1882New York, United States I1049 Shippee 
2 Shippee, Edward or Irwin  24 Dec 1885New York, United States I934 Shippee 
3 Shippee, Ethel Bartlett  15 Jul 2005New York, United States I1062 Shippee 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shippey, James  New York, United States I14405 Shippee 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Shippey / Allen  Abt 1813New York, United States F596 Shippee 
2 Shippey / Terwilliger  1849 or 1850New York, United States F622 Shippee 

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