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New York, United States


Tree: Shippee
State/Province : Latitude: 43.0532166, Longitude: -76.0384438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 [Shippy], Sena  30 Nov 1937New York, United States I3559 Shippee 
2 [Shippee], Patricia  5 Apr 1944New York, United States I3275 Shippee 
3 Youngs, Eula  10 Aug 1912New York, United States I13130 Shippee 
4 Wright, Annabelle V.  11 Mar 1895New York, United States I12775 Shippee 
5 Willmarth, Esther B.  26 Jun 1835New York, United States I4089 Shippee 
6 Williams, Henrietta  Dec 1847New York, United States I6415 Shippee 
7 Wilkins, Melissa  Jun 1842New York, United States I1738 Shippee 
8 Wilcox, Elizabeth  3 Feb 1782New York, United States I6224 Shippee 
9 White, Mildred V.  Mar 1898New York, United States I18770 Shippee 
10 White, Ella May  Jul 1853New York, United States I5863 Shippee 
11 Wheeler, Gladys M.  1904New York, United States I12453 Shippee 
12 Washburn, Maryette  17 Jan 1841New York, United States I440 Shippee 
13 Washburn, Adelaide  Oct 1887New York, United States I3195 Shippee 
14 Warner, Agnes M.  1 Apr 1898New York, United States I18788 Shippee 
15 Vaughan, Mildred  22 Jun 1892New York, United States I3520 Shippee 
16 Van Stienburg, Lydia  1813 or 1814New York, United States I401 Shippee 
17 Tong, Ellen Adelle  8 Jul 1838New York, United States I1574 Shippee 
18 Stone, Ellen E.  1 Dec 1868New York, United States I4058 Shippee 
19 Stabler, Luella  12 Aug 1900New York, United States I3242 Shippee 
20 Smith, Salina  27 Mar 1822New York, United States I4942 Shippee 
21 Smith, Livonia  26 Jan 1808New York, United States I13723 Shippee 
22 Smith, Frances E.  18 Jul 1842New York, United States I362 Shippee 
23 Smith, Elizabeth  1809 or 1810New York, United States I19231 Shippee 
24 Smalle, Mary E.  13 Sep 1917New York, United States I11806 Shippee 
25 Slater, Jane Lucretia  25 Dec 1821New York, United States I1568 Shippee 
26 Shippy, Ziba Henry  11 Jun 1859New York, United States I2752 Shippee 
27 Shippy, Wilmot Wyman  Dec 1873New York, United States I11786 Shippee 
28 Shippy, Wilber A.  14 Jul 1873New York, United States I3667 Shippee 
29 Shippy, Vivian  Sep 1898New York, United States I11788 Shippee 
30 Shippy, Violet Marian  11 Nov 1918New York, United States I11604 Shippee 
31 Shippy, Vernon Charles  17 May 1879New York, United States I11790 Shippee 
32 Shippy, Theresa A.  15 Aug 1848New York, United States I2465 Shippee 
33 Shippy, Stephen  1804 or 1805New York, United States I918 Shippee 
34 Shippy, Stephen  1804 or 1805New York, United States I2061 Shippee 
35 Shippy, Stella E.  Sep 1865New York, United States I11620 Shippee 
36 Shippy, Sevilla B.  1846 or 1847New York, United States I2266 Shippee 
37 Shippy, Sarah A.  Mar 1842New York, United States I2265 Shippee 
38 Shippy, Samantha A.  30 May 1833New York, United States I1178 Shippee 
39 Shippy, Samantha  1831New York, United States I2041 Shippee 
40 Shippy, Sally  31 Dec 1797New York, United States I1653 Shippee 
41 Shippy, Salina  1835 or 1836New York, United States I2262 Shippee 
42 Shippy, Roseltha  Mar 1834New York, United States I2261 Shippee 
43 Shippy, Robert  22 Jul 1801New York, United States I2417 Shippee 
44 Shippy, Rita L.  Apr 1917New York, United States I11820 Shippee 
45 Shippy, Richard  18 Aug 1939New York, United States I3546 Shippee 
46 Shippy, Raymond C.  4 Apr 1909New York, United States I3542 Shippee 
47 Shippy, Rachel  17 Jun 1817New York, United States I11138 Shippee 
48 Shippy, Polly  1817 or 1818New York, United States I17393 Shippee 
49 Shippy, Phyllis Ruth  12 Dec 1915New York, United States I11601 Shippee 
50 Shippy, Paulene  Dec 1873New York, United States I2317 Shippee 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shippee, Ethel Bartlett  15 Jul 2005New York, United States I1062 Shippee 
2 Shippee, Edward or Irwin  24 Dec 1885New York, United States I934 Shippee 
3 Shippee, Charles  10 Jul 1882New York, United States I1049 Shippee 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Shippey, James  New York, United States I14405 Shippee 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Shippey / Terwilliger  1849 or 1850New York, United States F622 Shippee 
2 Shippey / Allen  Abt 1813New York, United States F596 Shippee 

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