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New York, United States


Tree: Shippee
State/Province : Latitude: 43.0532166, Longitude: -76.0384438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
101 McCaffrey, Catharine E.  27 Aug 1909New York, United States I12868 Shippee 
102 McCollum, Marie  27 Nov 1892New York, United States I3249 Shippee 
103 Miller, Mina E.  Aug 1869New York, United States I3367 Shippee 
104 Mills, Eliza Jane  1845New York, United States I885 Shippee 
105 Morgan, Delia A.  1814 or 1815New York, United States I1177 Shippee 
106 Morse, Anna Marie  1921 or 1922New York, United States I13659 Shippee 
107 North, Margarita Dolores  2 Feb 1894New York, United States I4064 Shippee 
108 Olds, Elsie Leland  Sep 1880New York, United States I17306 Shippee 
109 Ovitt, Zella I.  1 Mar 1864New York, United States I886 Shippee 
110 Palmerton, Sarah Ann  26 Oct 1843New York, United States I4036 Shippee 
111 Parkinson, Isabella  4 Sep 1806New York, United States I11782 Shippee 
112 Parks, Laura  Nov 1838New York, United States I2315 Shippee 
113 Patterson, Martha M.  1848New York, United States I6118 Shippee 
114 Patterson, Sarah J.  1849New York, United States I11123 Shippee 
115 Peak, Harriet  Jun 1807New York, United States I1142 Shippee 
116 Perry, Minnie E.  Nov 1871New York, United States I3916 Shippee 
117 Petraitis, Helen M.  30 Aug 1914New York, United States I18799 Shippee 
118 Pike, Eunice Almeda  1840 or 1841New York, United States I11057 Shippee 
119 Pitcher, Eva May  8 Apr 1913New York, United States I21137 Shippee 
120 Pitcher, Rachel E.  1836New York, United States I18082 Shippee 
121 Pope, Gertrude H.  Dec 1859New York, United States I2712 Shippee 
122 Prosser, Edna Lula  20 Nov 1921New York, United States I14841 Shippee 
123 Pulver, Emma  20 Aug 1875New York, United States I3625 Shippee 
124 Quinn, Hannah M.  2 Feb 1914New York, United States I18768 Shippee 
125 Rankin, Jennie  30 Aug 1873New York, United States I4099 Shippee 
126 Reed, Lodema A.  1825 or 1826New York, United States I1191 Shippee 
127 Rose, Harriet  1831 or 1832New York, United States I14225 Shippee 
128 Ruthman, Bessie  5 Nov 1875New York, United States I1050 Shippee 
129 Scheff, Ruth Loretta  1918 or 1919New York, United States I15079 Shippee 
130 Schreibweis, Anne M.  24 Jul 1892New York, United States I3590 Shippee 
131 Seaton, Eleanor  Abt 1782New York, United States I1175 Shippee 
132 Sheppey, Dorothy B.  Feb 1895New York, United States I3600 Shippee 
133 Sheppey, Elsie Craig  Nov 1889New York, United States I3634 Shippee 
134 Sheppey, Esther B.  May 1894New York, United States I3154 Shippee 
135 Sheppey, James H.  1864 or 1865New York, United States I18197 Shippee 
136 Sheppey, Margaret  Apr 1892New York, United States I3135 Shippee 
137 Shippee, Abner  1812 or 1813New York, United States I2551 Shippee 
138 Shippee, Adaline  7 Mar 1821New York, United States I4232 Shippee 
139 Shippee, Adda Alice  Aug 1875New York, United States I1698 Shippee 
140 Shippee, Agnes  Aug 1889New York, United States I2628 Shippee 
141 Shippee, Albert H.  Jun 1848New York, United States I502 Shippee 
142 Shippee, Almina  Aug 1866New York, United States I11063 Shippee 
143 Shippee, Almira E.  4 Oct 1851New York, United States I630 Shippee 
144 Shippee, Alvin William  18 Nov 1920New York, United States I12884 Shippee 
145 Shippee, Angeline C.  May 1855New York, United States I618 Shippee 
146 Shippee, Anna D.  Dec 1881New York, United States I2609 Shippee 
147 Shippee, Ardelia  17 Jan 1848New York, United States I12521 Shippee 
148 Shippee, Asahel  19 Sep 1844New York, United States I443 Shippee 
149 Shippee, Audrey B.  17 Mar 1928New York, United States I6680 Shippee 
150 Shippee, Bertha Ann  Jun 1877New York, United States I6770 Shippee 

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